Council Member Roles

Gledhill School Council Role Descriptions:

Co-Chairs – Provide leadership and guidance to the Executive Committee and liaise with the Principal and Vice Principal on School Council related school matters. Responsibilities also include overseeing School Council initiatives and providing guidance and support to sub-committees, chairing School Council meetings (minimum of four per a year) including leading the development of meeting agendas, and representing School Council at various external TDSB meetings.

Treasurer – The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the School Council financial records including issuing cheques, making bank deposits, preparing financial statements (including annual statement to TDSB) and bank account reconciliation. The Treasurer is a signatory on the bank account. The Treasurer also provides administrative support to School Council fundraising endeavours. Key candidate requirements include comfort with and basic understanding of bookkeeping and accounting principles.

Secretary – The Secretary attends and takes minutes at each School Council meeting. The Secretary prepares these minutes for draft review before each subsequent meeting and assists in the creation and sharing of meeting agendas. The Secretary also works with the Communications Team to ensure agendas and minutes are shared in approved form on the School Council website.

Fundraising Chair – The Fundraising Chair coordinates fundraising activities, by organizing and implementing a fundraising plan and working with fundraising leads for individual fundraising initiatives. Funds raised in this role are key to student enrichment activities at Gledhill. (not filled for 2014-2015)

Ward 16 Representative – Attends Ward 16 School Trustee meetings and reports on learnings at School Council meetings.

Volunteer Coordinator — Oversees the recruiting of volunteers for school council events, fundraisers and activities. Works with event leads to ensure that the all event are adequately supported by volunteers.

Parent Representative — Coordinates classroom specific communication through a system of Classroom Representatives. These representatives (2 per classroom) facilitate communication with parents in each classroom on issues such as class trips, classroom volunteer opportunities and gifts for teachers.

Communications Team Members – Manage Gledhill Guardian Blog posts and pages as well as social media (Facebook page, Twitter account) and support Parent Representative.

Members-at-Large – Participate in Council work as needed, occasionally spearheading specific projects as determined by School Council.

Other Roles … Other roles may be developed depending on school needs and applicant’s interests and skills. Examples of such roles implemented to date include Movie Night Coordinator, Green Team Lead, Pizza Lunch Coordinator and Family Fest Leads.

Don’t have time for an Executive role, but want to volunteer? We are always in need of dedicated parent volunteers who can provide support in a variety of ways, including volunteering at Pizza Lunch, Movie Night, Potluck Night, Trivia Night and, of course, Family Fest! For more information, see you Volunteer Page.