School Council Goals


** Note that goals for the current school year will be established after School Council elections. **

The following are the approved School Council Goals for 2018/19 …

Goal #1: Council-­­Supported School Programs and Activities

Determine which programs and initiatives the Council will support next year, considering the needs of the school and students, providing low- or zero-cost-to-student programs whenever possible, and hosting events and activities that build family and school community.

Goal #2: Fundraising Efforts

Re-examine how the Council raises money and develop a process for assessing which fundraising initiatives to undertake. The process should consider the fundraising goal for each activity, the effort needed by volunteers compared to the return (the cost / benefit), additional positive benefits of the activity (e.g., community building), the interest of parents to support the fundraising initiative, and whether there are alternative opportunities to raise the money (e.g., funding available through a grant).

Goal #3: Parent Engagement and Communication

Foster a positive parent and school community at Gledhill by supporting the school and the Council to engage and communicate with parents and by creating opportunities and processes for parents to provide advice and input about school matters.

Other things to focus on this year:

  • Continue the fundraising events, community-­­building events, and programs already organized for this school year; consider adding events or activities that align with the feedback provided (e.g., more family and community building events, low-­­ or zero-­­cost to student activities)
  • Begin to establish or introduce structures and processes for the School Council where needed to foster effectiveness and efficiency; develop documentation to ease transition of roles every year (what is done for Council activities, who to contact, etc.).
  • Investigate serving hot lunches at Gledhill.