School Council 2017-18

The 2017/2018 School Council includes:

  • Co-Chairs: Melissa H & Scarlett S
  • Secretary: Scarlett S
  • Treasurer: Jennifer R
  • Eco-Committee: Erin S, Jill KA and Cheryl C
  • Parent Class Rep: Chris B
  • Grants Committee: Andrea A, Carolyn L, Anne W, and Tina L
  • School Improvement: Erin S and Cathy M
  • Ward & School Reps: Carolyn L & Maxine W
  • Communications Committee: Andrea NE, Jill KA and Carolyn L
  • Volunteer Chair: Andrea A
  • Parent Engagement Committee: Marisa S & Lindsay T
  • Fundraising Committee: Chantal Z and Marni K
  • Healthy Kids Committee: Jill K-A and Erin S
  • Governance Chair: Phil L

For more details on these responsibilities of these Council roles, please see our Council Member Roles page.