Pizza Lunch

Pizza Lunch is back at Gledhill! So order up a slice or two all the while helping in Gledhill’s fundraising efforts! Below is information on how to have your student(s) participate.

Who can participate:
Any student (kindergarten to grade 5).

Upcoming Dates:
– Friday, April 28 Deadline to order: TBC- Early April
– Friday, May 26 Deadline to order: TBC- Early April

– $3 per slice (order up to 3 slices per day). Must be ordered via School Cash Online.

How to Order:
School Cash Online

Visit our FAQ page to learn more about school cash online.

Please note that once an order is placed it cannot be changed and there are no refunds (even if a student is away on pizza day and misses it).

What types of pizza can be ordered:
– Cheese
– Pepperoni and cheese
– Dairy-free cheese
– Gluten-free cheese

NOTE: As only pizza will be offered at Pizza Lunch, please continue to send snacks and drinks with your student(s) on these days.

Should you have any questions about Pizza Lunches, please email