French Immersion Pathway to East York CI – Meeting Summary

DA Morrison Middle School hosted a meeting this evening to discuss the Gledhill  Jr. PS to DA Morrison Middle School to East York Collegiate Institute pathway for French Immersion students.

Two members of the TDSB were present and shared the following information:

  • In September 2018, Grade 8 French Immersion graduates from DA Morrison will join a group of Grade 8 French Immersion graduates from Clairlea PS to form the first class of French Immersion at East York CI.
  • It is the TDSB’s intention that staff will be hired accordingly to provide a viable program at East York CI.
  • Other schools will eventually join Gledhill in feeding DA Morrison’s FI program and then subsequently East York CI’s, beginning with Earl Beatty joining our Grade 6’s next year at DA Morrison and several others to follow in 3-4 years. This will result in a gradually increased FI cohort size.

Parents had many questions involving timing of new staff hiring, course selection and cohort size at East York CI. There was discussion of a follow up meeting involving the Principal of East York CI and different TDSB members who would be equipped to answer some of the questions posed.

We will post any future meeting dates as they arise.

For information on what French Immersion in Secondary School entails you can visit

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