Bike Rally – FAQs

Bike Rally is tomorrow! In order to participate, students need to have brought in their permission form and have a bike helmet and bicycle.

Session #1: Grades 1, 2 and 3  – 8:50 – 10:05 am

Session #2: Grades 4, 5 and 6 – 10:20 – 11:30 am 

Thank you to all the parents who have indicated on their forms ans emailed that they will volunteer. We appreciate your help and look forward to your assistance tomorrow. We will meet at the back of the school after drop off at 8:40am and get organized.

The students will be rotating through stations. We will need some parents to stay at specific stations and others to stick with classes as they rotate around the yard. IMPORTANT: For safety, students are required to dismount from their bikes and WALK them from station to station. Parents please discuss this with your children if you have a chance this evening.

Velofix will be with us to help kids with any last minute tune up needs.

Students should bring their bikes in the morning and park them in the indicated areas at the back of the school. Each class has been assigned a colour. Colours are marked in chalk on the brick of the school.

Primary Colours (Grades 1-3) – bikes will be parked between Doors 4 and 5

D’Souza and McPherson – BLUE

Meecham and Grandguillot – RED

Werbin and Roshi – GREEN

Smith and Leclerc- PURPLE

Easton- BLACK

Sorin – YELLOW

Dumont – ORANGE

Junior Colours (Grades 4-6) – bikes will be parked between Doors 5A and 5

Chitayat – BLUE

Ahmad and Martineau – RED

Woods – GREEN

Barron – BLACK


After the morning bike rally sessions, students will be parking their bikes in the school gym in similarly marked areas by colours to be picked up after school.

If you have Bike Rally questions, please email


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