Saying goodbye to the school year

It’s been a challenging year for everyone, and we can’t say goodbye in person.

So let’s let our school staff know how much we appreciate all of their efforts over the year!Sign our KudoBoard by clicking here:

Please think of thanking staff generally, as opposed to your specific teachers. Use this opportunity to give a shout out to all our teachers, caretakers. office staff, Educational Assistants, Special Needs Assistants, Child & Youth Workers, Early Childhood Educators, Lunchroom Supervisors. and of course our Principal and Vice Principal.

Feel free to get creative!  You can attach messages, photos, GIFs or videos – your own or from the online browser.Want to sign the board? Please do so by 5pm on Monday, June 28th. We will share it with the staff team on Tuesday the 29th.

Thanks for your help in showing our school team some love!

Sincerely,The Gledhill School Council

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Gledhill’s One and Done Campaign

Associated costs for Gledhill’s Parent Fundraiser (last held in February 2020):

  • Costume
  • Babysitter
  • Drinks
  • Snacks
  • Drinks
  • Silent auction bid for neighbourhood items
  • Extra round of Jäger you and your friends did not need
  • Bribe to friend not to post the photographic evidence
  • More drinks

Consider all these costs and then consider one simple donation to the One-And-Done campaign this year.

Gledhill’s Fundraiser

Good News: No lineups for Bouncy Castles! No bake sale requests! No sugar induced meltdowns – for you or your kiddos!

Consider what you might have spent this coming weekend at Gledhill’s Family Fest and if your family is able to, please contribute to the fundraising campaign that you’ve seen via email!

We’ve almost raised $10,000, please help us reach our goals so that we can support next year’s student needs like technology, physical education items, parent and student workshops and more!

Gledhill Parent Council Meeting- Thursday June 17, 2021

Gledhill Council Meeting- Thursday June 17th at 6:30pm

Please join us for our last Parent Council Meeting this Thursday June 17th, 2021 at 630pm.


  1. Welcome
  2. Principal Update
  3. Committee Updates
  4. Other business

Join zoom meeting:

or call in: (647) 374-4685

Meeting ID: 991 1340 5302

Passcode: 329549

Gledhill Avenue Child Care Centre Day Camp Programs 2021

Located in Gledhill Junior Public School, Gledhill Avenue Childcare Centre has been providing childcare to the surrounding community for 32 years.

We welcome you to join our 2021 fun-filled and interactive camp program serving children starting at 3.5 years old.

This year, Summer Camp spaces are being made open to all Kindergarten and School-Aged children.

Contact for more information!

CANCELLED – May Parent Council Meeting

Hello Gledhill families,

The Parent Council meeting scheduled for Tuesday May 25th, 2021 has been cancelled.

Our final Parent Council meeting for this school year will be on Thursday June 17th, 2021. Details and agenda to be sent out closer to the date.

Stay well Gledhill!

Gledhill Fundraising Letter

Hello Gledhill families…

As we near the end of the school year, we are realizing that our usual fund-raising efforts will not be possible.

Please see the letter below that we have sent out to our school families asking you to consider contributing to this year’s fundraising.

We ask that you please also share this letter with Grandparents, neighbours and Gledhill alumni who might also be interested in giving to Gledhill initiatives.

We hope all of our families are doing well and staying safe!

The link to donate is:

Reminders- Donations and Dance Party

Hello Gledhill families!

Just a friendly reminder that the donations for St. Vincent are being collected until this afternoon at 430pm at the front of Gledhill. Please ring the bell at the front door and someone will come out and collect from you!

Also this Friday April 30th at 630pm join us for our first virtual Gledhill Dance Party. Please register at to have the zoom link sent to you!


Donation Drive for St. Vincent

Gledhill Council Meeting- Thursday April 22, 2021

Gledhill Parent Council Meeting Agenda

Thursday, April 22, 2021 at 630pm

Please note that because we are welcoming D.A. Morrison’s Principal as our guest speaker, we will be starting promptly at 6:30 p.m.

  1. Welcome
  2. Principal Update
  3. Committee Updates
  4. D.A. Morrison Principal – Marc Mullen (@7:00pm)

Join Zoom Meeting

Or Dial Inl: (647) 374-4685   

Meeting ID: 995 3148 6216

Passcode: 374927