Daily Announcements – Thursday, Nov 27th and Friday, Nov 28th

announcementHighlights from the morning announcements:

1. The running club meets Friday at 7:30am

2. Students and teachers this is a reminder of our assembly today (Friday), period 3. Teachers please remember your vest and stars.

3. All members of the spirit squad please come to Room 24 at 9:30am for a practice.

Message from the ECO-TEAM:

Hello Gledhill! The Eco-Team has a challenge for you! As we know, the holiday season will be here soon. We love to share food and give things to people we care about. Unfortunately, the Christmas/holiday season can cause a lot of waste to be created from packaging that comes along with food, toys or other new things. SO the Eco Team challenges you to think of ways to help Green Christmas! If you have an idea, write it down and tell us how it helps the environment. Put your name and Classroom # on the page and bring it to the Eco- Box (green box) in the office. If your idea is selected to be read over the announcements, you will receive a nice warm cup of hot chocolate to say thank you for sharing your great, green idea! Get those ideas coming!

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