Ray’s Surprise Retirement Parade

Yesterday, Ray Monckton retired. Most of us know him simply as ‘Ray’ and, for almost all, he is the only crossing guard they ever knew. Ray spent 10 years as a crossing guard at Gledhill and Danforth and will be remembered for his friendly words, his ever present smile and his great knowledge of our children’s names. He ensured our children’s safety at a very busy intersection and did so in a caring and conscientious manner.

To celebrate the occasion, Gledhill parent Jessica Schmiedchen organized a flashmob parade. At a pre-determined time, 100s of Gledhill students and parents descended upon the corner of Gledhill and Danforth to wish Ray farewell. Parents expressed their appreciation and students presented Ray with handmade cards of thanks and best wishes. Thanks to all of the Gledhill school community members who came out to celebrate, City Councillors Janet Davis and Mary Margaret McMahon and the parents with the sound system on a cart!

Congratulations Ray! You will be missed.




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