Family Fest – 5 Days away – Volunteers and Food Still Needed!

The excitement is building! Family Fest is this Friday, June 19 from 3:30-7:30pm in the schoolyard. There will be lots of great games, crafts, activities and yummy food for the whole family! A big thank you to those people who have already signed up to help out and bring food.

We are still looking for:

People –  More are desperately needed  to man the food stations and run the great children’s activities planned. We’d like to stay open until 7:30 and keep the fun going longer this year. Shifts are “Early” 3:15-5:30 or “Late” 5:30-7:45, but even if you are able to help for a shorter amount of time, your help would be greatly appreciated. (Simply sign up through “Volunteer Spot” for an early or late shift, but indicate in the comments your availability).

We also welcome students, grades 4 and up, including high school needing volunteer hours, to help us with our many children’s activities.

Food – Our International Food and Bake Sale tables need to be stocked to feed all our hungry families

International Foods – a favourite every year. We stock it with finger foods, salads and things that don’t need to be kept too warm or too cold. Examples: mini quesadillas, noodle salads, pigs in a blanket, spanish rice or precut lasagna.

Bake Sale – The best are things that can be sold individually like cupcakes, muffins, cookies and squares.

Please visit “Volunteer Spot” and let us know how you are able to help or what food you can bring :

Or email me at


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