Gledhill School Council 2015/2016 Elections

Gledhill School Council 2015/16 Elections 


As part of our by-law renewal process we implemented a more defined multistage process to elect our chair positions. All school parents and guardians are welcome to fully participate in all meetings. We have a number of defined roles that may or may not be filled any given year and three roles that are necessary and mandated. Chair or co-Chair positions to run meetings, a Secretary to record meetings and a Treasurer to provide finical record keeping and advice.

Many roles were claimed with one person having put there name forward for election. The position for Chair/co-Chair has two interested parties, as such there is a secret ballot election underway. Other open roles may be filled through the year with volunteers being voted in as appropriate.

This ballot is for the position of Chair/co-chair. Votes may be made in the office during normal hours (Wednesday Oct. 7th – Friday Oct. 9th). Please add your name to the voting list. Take a ballot, fill it out and put in the vote box.

Chair / Co-Chair – provides leadership and guidance to the Council, liaises with the Principal and Vice Principal on School Council related matters, and represents the Council at external Toronto District School Board (TDSB) meetings, as required.

Standing for Election:


Andrea Nichols Egan and Jill Kovacs Argue


Sam Kazak

From the 2014/15 Council,

to everyone that stood for election,

contested or not,

Thank You.

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