Looking for Classroom Parent Reps!


There are still several classes in the school that have no Parent Classroom Representative, or, in some cases, only one. The role of the Parent Classroom Representative is to communicate (via email) with class parents and the teacher concerning events in class and in the school, such as class outings, parties and teacher gifts. Parent Classroom Representatives are the first link in the chain to encourage parents to make a positive contribution to life at the school. Parents who have previously taken on this role have enjoyed it as a way of keeping in touch with Gledhill and being involved. A full description of the Roles and Responsibilities can be read here. If you have questions regarding the position, or would like to sign up,  please email Chris Bockner at knobula@hotmail.com.

The following classrooms have no Parent Classroom Representative:

  • Room 9
  • Room 14
  • Room 15
  • Room 20
  • Room 21

The following classrooms have one Parent Classroom Representative and could use one more:

  • Room 5
  • Room 6
  • Room 8
  • Room 10
  • Room 22
  • Room 24
  • Room 25
  • Room 26
  • Room 27

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