We’ve Got Robots!

Over the last few years, our librarian, Ms Kopka, has been holding a couple of Scholastic book fairs each year. This past week, as the fall book fair was wrapping up, she showed us some of the exciting new additions she was able to purchase with the proceeds of previous book fairs. After each book fair, Scholastic allows schools to receive a combination of credits towards Scholastic Books and cash to use elsewhere. Ms Kopka uses the credits to buy library books and classroom resources housed in the library. And, with the cash, she can buy other things like… ROBOTS! Ms Kopka has purchased 5 pairs of “Dot and Dash” Robots for the library. The students control the Robots using apps on the iPads and the software has activities geared to kids K-6. Ms Kopka has started to use them with her library classes and Maker Space Club to teach kids things like letter recognition, graphing coordinates and coding. A big THANK YOU to all students and parents who purchased books at this year’s fair and also to the parents who were able to do a shift at the cash out table. The fair would not happen without you!

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