“Spotlight On:” Gledhill’s Breakfast Club

So many great things are happening at our school! The School Council would like to introduce a new series of posts we are calling “Spotlight On:” They are designed to introduce new and old parents alike to the programs and events going on and in some cases, how we as parents, can get involved. The first of our series is on The Gledhill Breakfast Club!

“Spotlight On”: Gledhill’s Breakfast Club

What makes Gledhill a great place to be for both students and families? A strong sense of community, a friendly welcoming atmosphere, and knowing that we are all looking out for each other.

If you want to see these things in action, come down to the Breakfast Club any morning of the week. You will see 40-50 kids eating healthy food, chatting with their friends and the adult volunteers, helping clean up, and generally getting a great start to their day. Every child is welcomed, regardless of whether or not they can contribute financially. If you are lucky enough to come on a morning when program director Jenn Scaife is there, you will see this unconditional acceptance in her warm smile and the genuine affection she has for each child.

This program is funded by generous contributions from parents, Student Nutrition Program, Food Share, and the community including ValuMart, whose support is greatly appreciated.

Money alone, though, is not enough to keep the program running; volunteers are the backbone of the Breakfast Club. We have a dedicated core group of family and community members who give a bit of their time each week to prepare food or clean up. The volunteers enjoy their time together as much as the kids do and if you join us, you will find the time flies by as you make new friends and catch up on school news.

However, there are currently not enough volunteers to keep the program running the way it should or could. This incredible program is in desperate need of your help. Please have a look at the shifts below and consider how you could fit in 30-40 minutes once or twice a week, or even once a month. We’d love to have you join us.

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