Last Night’s Council Meeting Highlights and Minutes

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend last night’s council meeting.

For full meeting minutes from last night click HERE

Some highlights and time sensitive discussions included:

  1. Michelle Aarts from PIAC (Parent Involvement Advisory Committee) discussed all the resources they have to offer parents and school councils. Their website is She discussed important opportunities coming up within the TDSB for parents to learn and provide input:
  • TDSB Parents As Partners Conference Next Weekend (April 28): Community Advisory groups (French, Mental Health and Well being), registration for daycare is closed but you can still go. It’s a free conference for parents, has great resources, navigating special education, what to expect in high school, cultural differences – Location: Beanfield Center in Exhibition Place
  • French programs are being reviewed board wide – Throughout May, there are public forums being held at local schools for parent and teacher input. For dates and locations check out the TDSB site HERE

2. Breakfast Club: Several  volunteers have left and we are losing more people come fall. Some days may have to be cancelled because there is not enough adult supervision – team of current volunteers are meeting to determine the go forward plan. If the program needs to reduce to 4 or less days, parents will be advised in advance.

Reminder, Police checks are required to participate and this takes 3 months, if you have time to help even for an hour – please drop by and coordinate with the team or email

3.  The school will be shut for the summer for construction. This will impact Terry Fox CC & Daycare.

4.  Phil Pothen – a parent from Secord PS came to seek Gledhill parent support on a couple of concerning issues:

  • May 15 – Barbara Gray head of Transportation is meeting with parents to think about Safe walking to school – pedestrian access – should there be additional crosswalks, parking signs etc.
    • Gledhill parents are encouraged to think about if your children’s walk to school could use improvements i.e. crossing Danforth, car dealership, buses not being able to park in front of school because of cars parked/congestion
  • Secord is over capacity (has 14 portables) and is concerned with new condos being constructed on the Danforth – there has not been funds directed to expand schools to accommodate
    • Secord is looking for parent engagement and there is a petition to call for community investment and collection of education enhancement charges – oriented towards Secord but Gledhill will be impacted downstream
    • More information will be posted about this on the blog when it becomes available

5. The council is doing a review of the Gledhill School Council Bi-Laws (see Blog for details)

  • There will be a minor change for clarification that teachers are not voting members
  • Next meeting we will vote on this change (requirement) so if anyone else has changes they’d like to recommend, please bring them forward at the next meeting or email us at

Upcoming dates

  • Track and Field Day, April 26th
  • EQAO Info Night at Earl Beatty – 6-7pm April 26th
  • Pizza Day (Grades 1-6) – April 27th
  • Dance-A-Thon (Grades K-6) – May 11th (During school hours)
  • Movie Night – May 11th
  • Next Council meeting – May 15th
  • Special Folkfest at Ted Reeve Arena – Tuesday, May 22nd
  • Spring Concert – Wed, May 23rd
  • Family Fest – EVERYONE – June 22nd

And all past minutes from other meetings can be found HERE

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