Morning Crossing Guard at Gledhill and Danforth

The School Council has been investigating the lack of a morning crossing guard at Gledhill and Danforth. What we understand so far:

  • The job of hiring crossing guards is still the job of the Toronto Police Services
  • When vacancies occur due to illness or low numbers of available crossing guards, the City of Toronto, along with the TPS has contracted a third party company Neptune Services to fill in the vacancies. (in the past, uniformed police officers would do it, this is no longer the case)
  • A request has been made by TPS to Neptune to fill the vacancy at Gledhill and Danforth.
  • Low numbers of crossing guards are an issue
  • The police officer in charge of hiring new crossing guards is Sgt Bider 416-808-5433. One of our council chairs spoke to him this morning and he informed her that an additional request will be now placed to fill that spot.
  • Both Janet Davis’s  and Mary Margaret McMahon’s offices have also been contacted

We will update as new details become available.

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