1st Annual Gledhill Skate Drive (Jan 28th to Feb 1st)

Gledhill’s Skate Day has been booked for Thursday, March 7th! It’s a day when students Grades 1 through 5 walk to Ted Reeve Arena with their class for a half day of skating fun. Skate Day is organized and funded by the Gledhill School Council.

It is always our goal to have all kids who want to skate outfitted with skates and helmets so they can have fun with their classmates. How can you help?

  • Consider donating any skates or helmets your kids have outgrown to Gledhill’s Skate Day collection. Next week, Jan 28th to Feb 1st, there will be a bin outside the gymnasium where they can be dropped off.

Students who do not have skates and helmets of their own or were not able to find ones to borrow from a friend will be fitted about a week before Skate Day so they are ready to go!

Other upcoming opportunities to help with Skate Day will include:

  • The collection of skates and helmets needs a good sort. Some helmets need quick repairing and the skates could use a sharpen (anyone have a way to make that happen?)
  • A small group of parents will be needed to help fit kids with skates and helmets a week in advance

Please contact thegledhillguardian@gmail.com if you are able to help with before Skate Day preparation.

Teachers will do the shout outs for parent chaperones on the permission forms sent home for Skate Day. Two or three  parents will be needed to accompany each class to the arena on March 7th. Parents who wish to, can indicate so on the permission forms (no need to email the council)


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