Join the Gledhill “Walk in” this Thursday Morning at 8am

We are asking teachers, education workers, parents, and supporters to come together on June 6 in a joint, public call on this government to reverse the education cuts and fund the schools our students deserve.

Please meet in the front hallway or outside the front doors at 8 am.  We will walk to the North East corner of Danforth and Woodbine at 8:10.  

Please join us as we chant, show posters in support, engage in conversation and demonstrate solidarity! Please wear RED for ED and make some signs!!  Say NO to education cuts!

Our Demands on June 6:

  • Reverse the cuts to education – the cuts that have already happened and those planned for the future
  • Reverse the harmful changes made – reinstate Indigenous Curriculum writing sessions; reinstate the full Health and Physical Education Curriculum
  • No elimination of education worker jobs
  • A fully-funded public education system that includes low class size caps from Kindergarten to Grade 12, excellent needs-based supports and resources, no mandatory e-learning, and well-maintained buildings
  • Funding that provides equitable enrichment opportunities across the system and reduces the burden on school-based fundraising
  • An inclusive curriculum and respect for the diversity of our students and educators
  • Commitment to preserve the current Full-Day Kindergarten program model
  • Quality, free, safe, universal public childcare

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