McCordic Fun Fair

Today the Grade 4 and 5 students from Rm 25 were invited to attend the McCordic School Fun Fair. They were given a warm welcome by the staff and students and were served up a BBQ by a team of local police officers.

For the past 7 years, one of our teachers, Mme Bey, has been walking her classes to McCordic once a week during the spring. The Gledhill students work in partnership with the McCordic students, dancing and spending time together. Their culminating event is Special Needs FolkFest at Ted Reeve Arena.

McCordic School is a Special Education School in the Toronto District School Board for students with developmental disabilities. The school is located just behind Main Station on Balfour Ave. The school serves approximately 85 students with developmental disabilities who live in the east end of Toronto. The students range from four to twenty-one years of age. Many of the students also have physical disabilities (require wheelchairs) in addition to their cognitive impairments. Over the years, a partnership has developed between the two schools and the Gledhill  School Council has been pleased to share a portion of our funds raised with McCordic each year. This year we were able to present them with a donation of $1500.

Today,  Rm 25 was also presented with a very special painting – a collaboration created by the McCordic students and teachers.



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