Resources and Information

Hello Gledhill families!

We wanted to send a note out to our school families to say that we hope you are all doing well and staying healthy!

We received some information from Ms. McAlesse and Ms. Bambrick today regarding information and resources for this school disruption due to the COVID crisis.  Please see the following link to TDSB Resources for Learning at home and a letter from the Gledhill administration.

At the bottom of the webpage there is a “Ward 16 Google Drive Folder” from our Trustee Michelle Aarts.  It has a ton of websites including:

  • Education Resources, podcasts and apps
  • French Immersion Resources
  • Arts and Culture
  • Virtual Tours of Museums, Parks and Attractions
  • Crafts and Activities
  • Teenagers
  • Outdoor and Physical Activities
  • Well being Resources
  • Ministry of Education
  • Public Health Updates
  • Information on Social Distancing
  • TDSB Information

Stay well Gledhill!


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