Gledhill Parent Council Feb. 10 Meeting Notes!

Welcome and attendees – 17 attendees, including the Gledhill Principal (Cathy) and Vice-Principal (Janet) and 1 guest from DA Morrison. 

Covid Vaccination Presentation from Toronto Public Health

  • Caitlin Faulkner from Toronto Public Health presented information about Covid-19 vaccinations for children ages 5+ and answered questions. 

Gledhill Principal and Vice-Principal Updates

  • Report cards were distributed the week of Feb. 14; please let the office know if there are any problems accessing them.
  • Feb. 23 is graduation photo day for Gledhill students in Grade 5; a flyer is being sent home with the details. 
  • Upcoming school spirit days:
    • Feb. 25 – pattern party; wear many patterns
    • Mar. 11 – love of animals day; wear things like feathers, etc.
  • There have been two fox sightings and one coyote sighting at the school recently; please remind your kids to not approach these animals; the city doesn’t intervene unless there is harm done to someone. 
  • There was a question asked about the decision that Valentine’s Day cards had to be quarantined in advance of Valentine’s Day or not be distributed at all; Cathy and Janet stated they were following Covid-related rules and that each teacher had discretion about whether to quarantine cards in advance or not participate.

School council annual $100-$300 contribution to teachers

  • Council approved this year’s allocation of $300 per Gledhill teacher to use towards class supplies; teachers will be required to submit receipts for reimbursement. 
  • It is encouraged that any additional ideas for use of Council funds be proposed, including ideas from Gledhill teachers and staff. 
  • It was asked if the school library could use any funds for books or furniture; Cathy confirmed that she will check about this. 

School Improvement Committee

  • Council supported the School Improvement Committee’s plan to investigate options for new plants for the planters at the front of the school; costs will be considered, but should not exceed $500. 

Other Items

  • Parents asked Cathy and Janet when students will be able to use balls again outside at recess and lunch; it was confirmed that TDSB Covid policies about this are being followed and that specifics about the rules are applied on a school-by-school basis. It was asked whether the TDSB policies could be shared with parents (in these meeting notes) to address the parent concerns (update: Cathy and Janet advised that changes are likely coming soon and that updates will be provided as they become available).
  • A question was asked about the next steps for requesting a crossing guard at the Lumsden / Gledhill intersection (for Gledhill and DA Morrison students); Cathy had communicated with the DA Morrison Principal about this and will also follow-up with the DA Morrison parent who initiated this request.
  • There was a question about the DA Morrison Principal (Marc) speaking with parents about the transition to Grade 6; Cathy confirmed that Marc will likely speak to parents of Grade 5 students in April or May (as he typically does this). 

The next virtual Parent Council meeting is scheduled for Tues. Mar. 8, 6:30pm. 

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