Gledhill Council April 7 Meeting Notes!

Below please find the notes from last week’s virtual Council meeting.

Welcome and attendees – 27 attendees, including the Gledhill Principal (Cathy), Vice-Principal (Janet), and 6 Gledhill teachers / staff members.

Gledhill Principal and Vice-Principal Updates

  • The school is starting to return to normal with easing Covid restrictions.
  • In progress and upcoming school activities include:
    • Each class will be going through the X Movement program in May and June (a program that Gledhill students really enjoyed before Covid).
    • The school is organizing in-school house league pickle ball.
    • A Gledhill track and field day is being organized (date TBD).
    • Sand for the sand pits is being ordered.
    • New mulch for the yard has been ordered.
    • Each class now has a bag of balls to use on the field.
  • Notification letters about positive Covid cases are now being sent to all parents (per TDSB direction).
  • The school yard now has two areas at recess and lunch with the aim to have only one large area when the kids are ready.
  • Staffing for the next school year is being allocated across the TDSB; Gledhill attendance is projected to be 379 (down from 406 this year) which may lead to staffing changes.
  • The school has been focussing on student activities related to hopes and dreams with those that improve equity, such as promoting Black achievers.
  • Parents who want to volunteer at Gledhill in future are asked to either complete a police reference check or complete the annual declaration; find more information about the police reference checks and declarations here.
  • Gledhill is not yet able to have pizza lunches and movie nights (with Covid restrictions changing), but will continue to re-evaluate.

Grade 5 Graduation

  • Gledhill is waiting for direction before organizing Grade 5 graduation; please stay tuned for more information.
  • Last year’s event was a graduation ceremony outside.
  • However the event is organized, the attire / dress code will be casual (nothing fancy).
  • In previous years, parents of graduating students have organized a celebratory gathering for students at the Stan Wadlow clubhouse.
  • Last year, parents also organized the purchasing and distribution of lawn signs for graduating students.

Music Program

  • Students are now able to have music in the music room.
  • Students in grades 3 and 4 were going to use recorders, but that is on hold for now.
  • Gledhill is looking for a piano accompanist for things like choir (with perhaps a once per week time commitment); if you are a parent who is able to do this, please let M. Bailey know.

Gledhill Nutrition Program

  • The nutrition program used to be a breakfast program, but with Covid, became a snack (muffin) program.
  • The current coordinator of the program is finished her term this year and is looking for someone to take over – additional information will be sent out to parents.

In Person School Council Events

  • It was decided that School Council meetings would continue to be virtual for the remainder of this school year.
  • There was support for having an outdoor in-person school event before the end of this school year, like a family barbeque and/or dance party. Cathy will check if X Movement might be able to assist with the dance party component of the event.

The next virtual Parent Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday May 10, 6:30pm.

Thanks and Happy International Day of Pink!!

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