May 10 School Council Meeting Notes!

From the virtual School Council meeting on May 10, 2022, at 6:30pm

Welcome and attendees

  • There were 32 attendees at the meeting, including:
    • Gledhill parents and guardians
    • Cathy McAleese, Gledhill Principal and Janet Bambrick, Gledhill Vice-Principal
    • Gledhill teachers and staff members
    • Special guests from DA Morrison Middle School – Marc Mullan, Principal and Laura Little, Vice Principal

Special Presentation about DA Morrison Middle School

  • Marc and Laura (Principal and Vice Principals at DA Morrison) presented information about middle school for families transitioning to Grade 6.
  • Gledhill students will have a tour of DA Morrison the morning of June 14.
  • There will also be a parent orientation about DA Morrison in September for new families.

Gledhill Principal, Vice-Principal, and Staff Updates

  • Ms. Pace talked about the upcoming activities that are happening at Gledhill, including:
    • Pickleball has or will be starting for students.
    • The program X-Movement will be happening in June.
    • Students will enjoy a track and field day on June 20 or 21.
  • Ms. Ahmed presented about the Grade 5 graduation:
    • A ‘save the date’ letter has been sent to parents of grade 5 students.
    • Additional information will be coming in the official invite, including a plan in case it rains that day (as the graduation is planned is to be outside).
  • Janet talked about police reference checks that are required if parents would like to volunteer at Gledhill:
    • The police reference checks are good for one calendar year, after which you need to complete an annual declaration form.
    • Please email Janet to complete either the reference checks, annual declaration, or find out more here.

Parent Council Community Event / Barbeque

  • There is interest in having a community event / barbeque before the end of the school year for Gledhill families; perhaps also inviting families who will be new to Gledhill in September.
  • It may happen sometime (after school / at night) the week of June 13.
  • X-Movement may be able to join to help organize music and games.
  • More information will be coming.

Pizza Lunches

  • A few Gledhill parents investigated options for having one or two pizza lunches before the end of this school year (as is happening at other TDSB schools).
  • Gledhill School Council and parents will discuss the feasibility of this for Gledhill with Cathy and Janet.

The last virtual Parent Council meeting for this school year is scheduled for Thursday June 9, 6:30pm.

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