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Environmental news and events at Gledhill

Did You Know?

Did you know that the decorations at the front entrance of the school are the hard work of one of our parents?

Each season, Gledhill parent, Erin donates her time and creativity and with the help of a small budget from the parent council creates a lovely welcoming design.

Thanks Erin!



International Walk to School Day

Join us as Gledhill tries to get all of its students to walk to school on Wednesday, October 5th in celebration of International Walk to School Day. Get up a little earlier that morning, arrange to meet your neighbours and walk together to school!


Volunteering Gardening

If you’ve come into the school through the main entrance, you will have noticed that it has recently been spruced up. This is all thanks to the late-August efforts of Erin Spencer, Mikasha Modeste, Maggie Crilly Ostapchuk and Becky Rooney. These parent volunteers worked hard tidying up the weeds along the walls and sidewalks and adding new plants to the pots around the front entrance of the school. These before and after shots give you an idea of the work they did. Thank you!

Before and After 1 Before and After 2 Volunteers and Plants

Tree and Garden Watering this Summer


Gledhill is looking for families willing to keep an eye on the weather and water trees and/or gardens once or twice per week as needed throughout the summer.

Don’t worry! We know you won’t necessarily be available each week. Even if you think you would only be available for a morning or evening during certain weeks, this will help! Many hands make light work!!!

If you think this is something you might be available to do with your child/children, please let Mme Leclerc know by contacting her at *Please let her know what day of each week would work best for you and whether you would rather water in the morning or evening and we can make up a schedule.

She or Catherine Dorton will show you how and where to get access to water and hoses and give you some tips to ensure our trees and plants are well watered.

Thanks in advance for your time and interest!!!!

PS  The foot print garden has been planted. Thank you for reminding children to go around the footprint graden when they are nearby.

Native Plant Sale


Gledhill School is holding its annual Native Plant Sale.  This is a great opportunity to not only give your garden(s) a little TLC, but help support Gledhill’s Eco Club. If you would like to place an order, please have the order form back in to the school office no later than Tues. May 12th.  Happy Gardening!

plant sale order form 2015

Garden Volunteers

1197_mediumWe are looking for a family who can help care for the new native garden planted at the front of the school over the summer. The commitment is about one hour a week. The plants will love you! If you are interested, please contact

Plants for Butterflies

Some more pictures of native plants for you!  These are some plants that are great for attracting butterflies — they provide nectar and/or homes for monarchs and other butterflies.

Check out more from the list at the Evergreen Native Plants Database Search and fill out the form to send in with cash!  nativeplantsale-gledhill2014

1058_medium-1Joe Pye Weed




swamp milkweedSwamp Milkweed



2864_medium-1Blue Vervain

Native Plants Sale – with Pictures!

If you’re looking at that native plant list —nativeplantsale-gledhill2014 –and wondering just what those flowers are, we’re here to help.  You can search the Evergreen native plant database here.  We will add to these pictures over the next day or so, as well!








Browneyed Susan






Wild Geranium