Gledhill School Council Bylaws

Gledhill School Council is pleased to announce that the School Council Bylaws were approved at the last Council meeting (on March 10) and are now posted on the Gledhill Guardian website under the “Council” section. The Bylaws are also available directly here (Word format) or here (PDF format).

The bylaws provide direction to ensure that the Council is operating effectively and that the Council actions are aligned with Ontario’s legislation specific to School Councils.

The most significant change outlined in the bylaws document is related to Council membership.  All parents and guardians of children attending Gledhill are now considered members of Gledhill’s School Council and can therefore attend and vote on items at any meeting (therefore please feel free to attend any or all meetings!).

If there are any questions or comments, please feel free to email

Thank you for everyone who volunteered their time to help develop the bylaws!

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