Daily Announcements – Tuesday, March 22nd

announcementHighlights from the morning announcements:

  1. We are sorry for the inconvenience but PRIMARY CHOIR will not take place today. We will meet again in two weeks.
  2. Running club news: With the fair weather coming soon, very soon we hope, more runners will join us for our morning runs. There are 2 runs, a short one for students in grades 1 and sometimes 2, and a longer run for bigger, faster students.
    After the short run, we ask that students make their way to day care or the Breakfast Club. Those are the 2 areas that are the safest for our students while I wait outside for the long run people to come in.
    After everyone is in, we open room 26, my homeroom, to the Running Club for exploration, play and music making. If your child goes to the Breakfast Club to wait for room 26 to open, we ask for a donation to the Breakfast Club, and registration as well so that we can continue to feed students first thing in the morning and keep our runners safe.
  3. Karate Kids is tomorrow at lunch – don’t forget your shirt and belt!

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