Gifts that give back

Have you started shopping for your loved ones for the holidays? Looking for something the kids will love, that won’t add to the pile of toys that already exists in your house? Gledhill Public School has a few options that will not only delight, but gives back to the school community. Here’s what we’ve got:

  1. Gledhill Clothing! Why not meet the requisite clothing gift with something that allows your child (or whole family) to show their school pride. Order forms went home a few weeks ago and are due tomorrow. To make things easy, orders can be placed online:

  2. Marlies Tickets – There is no better gift that you can give a loved one than the gift of an experience. On February 4th, join the Gledhill School community for an afternoon of great hockey and a family skate at the Ricoh Coliseum. A great gift for neighbours and extended family, all are welcomed. Tickets can be purchased here:

  3. A magazine subscription – Yeah, I know many of us read these on our tablets now, but there is something so satisfying about getting the new edition in the post and sitting down with a cup of tea. Or better yet, seeing your kids’ faces light up when the newest Chirp arrives in the mailbox.

    Gledhill Public School continues to raise money through magazine subscriptions. In many cases, a digital copy is included with the paper copy. Explore the online catalogue here:  If you don’t have a student at the school, use the number 3721081 to ensure all fundraising efforts benefit the students of Gledhill School.

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