Healthy, Litter-less Lunches at Gledhill

Gledhill’s Eco-Club and the Healthy Kids Committee are on a mission to remind kids about healthy & sugar free lunches and to promote litter-less lunches.
Eco-club made visits to the lunch-room to find out which students had a litter-less lunch. Their names were entered in a draw for some fun prizes. Four students won a prize out of a very high number of participants!
What exactly were we looking for? Well here’s what:

1. Reusable drink containers with water to drink (no juice or pop)

2. Reusable food containers. No garbage. (Easy to open and BPA free Tupperware are available at the Dollarama)

3. Sugar free lunch and snack.

Let’s work together to keep the trash out of our schoolyard, keep our bodies healthy and strong, and love our planet!

Gledhill’s Eco-Club runs every Thursday at lunch. Our Walking Wednesday campaign starts soon to promote healthy and sustainable transportation. We will also begin planning our vegetable and pollinator gardens this month.

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