Weekly Announcements

Highlights from this week’s announcements:

  • Good morning!  Please stand for the Land Acknowledgement and our National Anthem.
  • We acknowledge we are hosted on the lands of the Mississaugas of the Anishinaabe , the Haudenosaunee Confederacy and the Wendat.  We also recognize the enduring presence of all First Nations, Metis and Inuit Peoples.
  • O Canada
  • Please be seated.  Make sure you are listening to anything that is relevant to you.
  • Primary choir is today Tuesday at 1145am.  Please wait for Mrs Bailey to pick you up where you eat lunch
  • Makerspace will be meeting today(Tuesday) at 1145am.  Please bring all of your outdoor gear with you as you will be going outside at 1220.
  • December’s character traits are Kindness and Caring.  We demonstrate this character trait by:
    • showing understanding and treating others with compassion, generosity and a forgiving spirit
    • being gentle, friendly, considerate and willing to help
    • showing concern or sympathy for others and being sensitive to the needs of others
    • talking positively about others
    • considering the needs of others, not just your own
  • Kindness and caring look like and sound like:
    • doing something nice for somebody- a random act of kindness
    • smiling at those you know and those you don’t know
    • saying “good morning”
    • reminding someone how special he or she is
    • volunteering time to help others in need or donating to a charity
    • asking “how can i help?” or “how are you?”
  • the students going with Mr. Webb to 905Raptors are supposed to check in with their classroom teachers and stay there until after the announcements.  Then they are to meet with Mr. Webb in the small lunchroom.

Note: These announcements are typed up and posted by a parent volunteer on the Gledhill School Council’s Communications Committee. Edits or omissions are made occasionally to protect the privacy of student identities.  Some days part of the announcements are read by the students in French.  For the purposes of these posts, announcements will be in English.

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