June 9th School Council Meeting Notes!!

From the virtual School Council meeting held on June 9, 2022 at 6:30pm

Welcome and attendees

  • There were 14 attendees at the meeting, including Gledhill parents and guardians, Cathy McAleese (Gledhill Principal), Janet Bambrick (Gledhill Vice-Principal), and a Gledhill staff member.

Gledhill Principal and Vice-Principal updates

  • A lot is happening in June including two track and field days and activities with the program X-movement.
  • Gledhill is hosting a group of special visitors from the Maple Bear Global School in Brazil to see how the curriculum and French immersion are taught in an Ontario junior public school. Gledhill was one of two schools selected to host the group.
  • Yearbooks:
    • The link to purchase Gledhill yearbooks was sent to parents and will be sent again.
    • There are supply chain issues with creating the yearbooks (getting paper, etc.) so everyone is hopeful that they will be delivered before the end of the school year. If they are not ready in time, there will be a way to get the yearbooks to Gledhill students who are moving on.
    • A parent asked about the price of the yearbooks as the Gledhill yearbook costs $20 and the DA Morrison yearbook costs $5. The principals weren’t sure why there is a price difference, but confirmed that they are using a TDSB-approved vendor.

Gledhill Community BBQ

  • The Gledhill Community BBQ is this Friday June 17th, 5-7pm.
  • The last day to order food for the BBQ using School Cash Online was Monday June 13th.
  • The cost of food is $3 for a hamburger, veggie burger, or hotdog and includes a bag of chips and drink. Orders are needed in advance so that the food order can be confirmed with M&M. Any questions or special requests about food orders can be emailed to: gledhillbbq@gmail.com.
  • ValuMart kindly donated the chips and drinks for the event!
  • Activities include a dance company attending, music, a photo booth, craft table, and games being organized by a Grade 5 Dad using some of the school gym equipment.
  • It should be a fun community-building evening; Gledhill staff have been invited to attend as well.
  • We hope to see you there!!
  • There is a volunteer form online as well for parents who are able to assist.

Use of Council funds – for approvals

  • Council approved an amount up to $2,500 to subsidize the food and any additional activity costs for the Gledhill Community BBQ. This amount is within the Council’s budget.
  • Council approved a $500 contribution towards Grade 5 graduation ceremony costs.
  • Council approved a $500 contribution towards the parent-organized grad party that will take place at a local Legion on Friday June 24th, 6-8pm. The event may be free for graduating students with this approval (TBC).
  • Council approved the purchase of freezies ($94) for students for the track and field days.

Initiate discussion about Council roles for next school year (2022/23)

  • There will be many opportunities and ways to get involved next school year.
  • Thank you to the parents who have been involved in Council and are now ‘graduating’ from Gledhill.
  • In the Fall you will see calls for nominations for Council positions (elected positions and a variety of other roles). The current Executive will make sure there is a smooth and fair election process in the Fall (including having a parent run the elections who is not seeking a position).
  • The Council positions are also posted on the blog if anyone wants to take a look.

Thank you for the excellent school year and see you at the BBQ on June 17th!

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