Graduation Party for Grade 5 Gledhill Students!!!

Attention Class of 2022!

It’s time to celebrate your graduation from Gledhill Junior Elementary Public School!!

The Awkward Grade 5 Dance Party

(a.k.a. The French Toast and English Muffin Grade 5 Graduation Party)

All current Gledhill Grade 5 students are invited!

The event is FREE… no financial contributions are needed as the Gledhill School Council has donated funds to cover the costs (thank you School Council!). 

There will be music, dancing, snacks, games and lots of fun.  And you can leave your parents at home! 🙂

Click the Eventbrite link below for all the details and to register (so we know how many students are joining).

Password: Tigers

Note that Gledhill parents are organizing this, but it is not a School Council event.

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