Community Fundraiser – WINE SURVIVOR Updated

Join us in support of Gledhill School Council to raise money supporting the school through the community.  The School Council supports many school activities, fun fair, playground/school improvements, classroom materials, etc.  Join us in a fun game of Wine Survivor with the opportunity to win some amazing prizes.  This is a community event, all are invited to join (grandparents, special friends, aunts, uncles, etc.). You must be at least 19 years old to play.

What is Wine Survivor? It’s kind of like the famed game of elimination, except the prize is a whole bunch of wine (or LCBO gift certificates), split between the final three contestants who have not been “voted out” of the game.

To become a Wine Survivor contender, all you need to do is buy in for $40 ($20 goes to the Council and $20 towards the prize pool). Your entry is valid for the duration of the game…until you get eliminated! There is no limit to how many entries into the game you can buy – the more entries, the more chances to win (and the more funds raised for Council)!

Like Survivor, all players are looking to win immunity. Once the game begins there will be draws over 2 weeks.

The first name drawn will gain immunity for that evening’s draw. 

The next names drawn are “voted off” (eliminated).

For those being eliminated for the first time, fear not! You get to make one of two choices:

  1. Accept your fate and remain eliminated from the game.
  2. You can buy back into the game for $20.

If your name is drawn for a second time, sadly your time in Wine Survivor will have come to an end and you will be automatically eliminated. The tribe has spoken!

What can you win?? Actual prizes depend on the number of players. Prizes in bottles of wine (valued at $20 each) or in a gift card

First place wins 50% of the prize pool

Second place wins 35% of the prize pool

Third place wins 15% of the prize pool

First draw takes place next Monday December 12th at 8:30pm – Entries must be in by Sunday December 11th to be included in the game. Place your entries here: ENTRIES HERE

Full game details & steps on how to register are available: HERE

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