We Need Your Input!

Priorities for Fundraising and Programs for Next School Year 

5065834411_de6f4d3d0d_oWhat programs and activities would you like School Council to support to benefit your child or children? What kind of fundraising should School Council be doing to support these programs?

At the next Gledhill School Council meeting, on Thursday, April 9th, the major topic of  discussion will be fundraising at our school. We are looking for input from all perspectives and would love to hear your ideas. Our goals are to establish a) what fundraising events we want to organize (new ideas welcomed) and b) which programs we want to support with the funds raised from these events.

To help guide our discussion and inform our decisions, please have a look at Some Questions to Consider and the results from a 2014 School Council Supported Activities Survey in slideshow format.

This Thursday’s School Council Meeting agenda can be read here.  Please join us this coming Thursday at 6:30 in Gledhill library to share your insights.

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