Healthy Kids Committee’s Recipe of the Month – Tostadas!

Mexican tostadas make a weekly appearance on our table. They are delicious, healthy AND fun because you can build your own. Perfect for family and fun with guests! Also, this is a good way to include more raw vegetables into your diet.
I’m sure you’ve had a taco night or two, but tostadas are a new twist to the party. And they are more messy, yay! You can find these “flat taco shells” in your grocery store in the Mexican food section, I get mine at Metro.
If you’re going to keep this a vegetarian dish, use a can of refried beans as your protein, or make your own. Here’s an easy way to make them: Just drain and rinse a can of black beans, put them in a saucepan on the stove with a bit of water, salt and chili powder (to taste), heat and mash ’em up with a potato masher. Presto!
Now for toppings. Here are some ideas, you can use as few or many as you like:
– Cabbage (healthier than lettuce! Tip: shred on a mandolin)
– Salsa
– Onions (green are best)
– Bell peppers
– Cheese (cheddar is good but I love feta, or queso fresco if you can get)
– Cilantro (does it taste like soap, or do you love it?)
– Sour cream
– Black olives
– Tomatoes
– Avocados (or guacamole, mmmmm)
– Jalapeños
– Hot sauce
– Fresh lemon or lime wedges to squeeze on top
Have fun with this one and send us your photos of your best tostada creation! (email us at: Be sure to include the topping list so we can share it on the blog. Bon appetit!

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