Introducing Our New Gledhill School Council

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend Tuesday’s Meeting. If you missed it click here to see the School Council Summary that was handed out. And click here to see the council roles.  Anyone who is interested in sitting on a committee is still very welcome and should contact the council at A list of future meeting dates will be published shortly.

The following people put their names forward and were acclaimed:

Co-chair and Secretary: Melissa H. & Scarlett S.

Treasurer: Jennifer R.

Parent Engagement Committee: Marisa S. & Lindsay T.

Communications Committee: Andrea NE & Jill KA

Fundraising Committee: Marnie K & Chantal Z

Grants Committee: Andrea A, Carolyn L & Tina L

Healthy Kids Committee: Jill KA & Erin S

School Improvement Chair: Erin S

Volunteer Chair: Role has not yet been filled

Ward & School Advocacy Committee: Maxine W & Carolyn L

Eco Committee: Erin S, Amy T & Cheryl K

Governance Chair: Role has not yet been filled

There are still many opportunities to get involved and we will need an army of volunteers for different events throughout the school year (pizza lunches, bike rally, dance-a-thon, family fest and more!). If you would like to be included on an email list of potential volunteers to hear about specific events please email:

As well, we are very much in need of a Volunteer Chair at this time. This is a school council position who oversees the recruiting of volunteers for Council events, including fundraisers and activities, and works with event leads to ensure that events are supported by volunteers, as required.

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